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Academic English Training Services

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Academic communication training and coaching  for graduate students to professional researchers.



寫作 – 畢業論文,研究,信函 

口說 – 會議演講,研討會英語。 

We  offer a range of short-term and long-term courses, workshops and lectures designed to enhance skills for:

  • Writing  – graduate thesis, research, correspondence
  • Speaking  –  conference presentations, seminar English.

Courses can be tailored to department or institute needs, and ideally the writing and speaking courses are combined in 3 stages for maximum benefit:

  1. lectures on writing,
  2. personalized write up of own research – with corrective feedback,
  3. presentation of that research – with corrective feedback.

Lectures are based on both macro-structure elements of research writing and micro-structure details of common mistakes in grammar and vocabulary usage. These courses are best conducted in an intense fashion over 2-3 weeks.

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