Raising your professional English Quotient … and competitiveness

What we stand for and what we do

We believe that living, studying and working in the 21st Century is a constant struggle to keep updated with the newest knowledge and skills. Lifelong learning is now for most of us not just a worthy goal but a necessity.

Our services and training are based on the idea of measured feedback. Hence the company name English Quotient 英語商量.




我們提供一般通信技能課程,這些課程是現成的教科書課程。我們根據客戶的需求分析設計具體的程序。除此之外,我們努力製定明確的學習目標,並通過課前和課後測試來證明學習進度,作為衡量標準 測試。




We offer general communication skills courses that ready-made textbook courses. We also design specific programs according to our clients’ needs analysis. In any case, we strive to set clear learning goals and demonstrate learning progress with pre-course and post-course tests that serve as diagnostic tests.

We believe that learners — or any other interested party — deserve to know what was learned, how much was learned, and what needs to be learned to further improve. This approach is diagnostic and tailored to the individual learner.