Raising your professional English Quotient … and competitiveness

Business English Training Services

Business communication training and coaching  for junior level staff to senior management.



  • 寫作 – 電子郵件,公告,報告,商業文法 
  • 口說 – 商務對話和社交,演講,談判,會議,展會通訊 
  • 4技能案例研討會 
  • TOEIC  –  TOEIC詞彙,文法,口說和寫作實踐,針對透過量化英語學習的機構 ,獲得可衡量的收益。

We  offer a range of courses, workshops and lectures designed to enhance skills for:

  • Writing –  emails, notices, reports, technical writing, business grammar, Job applications
  • Speaking – business conversation and socializing, presentations, negotiations, meetings, sales, trade show communications, job interviews
  • 4 skills Case study classes – reading, listening, speaking and writing are combined for different business topics, such as international markets/trade, marketing, organizational structure, business travel, etc
  • TOEIC – TOEIC vocabulary building, TOEIC grammar building and also TOEIC speaking and writing test practice for institutions that want to quantify English learning with measurable gains.

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