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Academic Editing Services


I have used EQLS’s English editing service several times and  … I am grateful to EQLS for quality work on editing my manuscripts. I would recommend EQLS to other researchers.”    (H.L. Chu, Professor, National Taipei University, Department of Accountancy)

Professional language editing services from a small team of editors with master’s and PhD degrees and a combined editing and publishing experience of over 60 years.



  • 16+ years specializing in Bio-medical, Computer Science and Applied Linguistics manuscripts
  • extensive publishing and editing experience in Linguistics, Social Sciences and Humanities

Our chief editor N. Daly is an applied linguistics journal copy editor and reviewer and has published research in SSCI journals, such as “Common words, uncommon uses: The most “discoursally significant” language edits in a corpus of Chinese medical manuscripts”, in Journal of English for Academic Purposes21 (2016), 34-47.

We offer language editing certificates for journal submissions, and we guarantee that if reviewers remark on the English quality after we have language edited the manuscript, we will re-edit it for free.

We can also provide in-house services where a language editor can be sent to the business or research institution to be available for consultation or questions regarding editing.

Editing services can also be combined with periodic training and refresher courses for continued professional development. Becoming a professional writer takes years of practice and focused feedback.

*Standard service: correctness, naturalness, and readability; letter outlining important types of edits; editing certificate

**Premium service: standard service + up to 20 minutes of Google Meet call to go over problem areas or questions

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